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Ella Energy FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we source our coffee?

Ella liquid espresso is imported from one of the largest private Coffee Houses in Europe.

Why am I not getting high quality foam?

To get a good quality foam shake up and down (and not sideways) for 10 seconds.

A high salt content in the water or saline water or residual detergent in your cup will affect the foaming adversely.

Where do we source our milk?

Ella’s milk is sourced locally from the Darling area in the Western Cape.

What kind of roast is Ella?
We use dark roast coffee beans.
How does Ella maintain a year shelf life?

During the manufacturing process, Ella is sterilized in a heat process to extend the shelf life to a minimum of one year which can be extended to 18 months subjected to the company’s approval.

Is Ella proudly South African?
Ella is a unique South African innovation.
Where should Ella be stored?

Ella can be stored at room temperature and enjoyed straight up.
Also great when served chilled.
Best used at room temperature, when preparing a cappuccino.

Is Ella certified?

At Ella, we care greatly about Quality and Food Safety. Ella is manufactured to the most stringent international food safety standard FSSC 22000. Ella is Halal certified and and also certified for a Veterinary Approved Establishment.


Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises
FSSC 22000
SA Halaal Society
Veterinary Approval

What kind of material is the Ella Capsule made from:
The Capsule is made from recyclable polypropylene packaging.
Can the Ella capsule be recycled?
Yes, the capsule and foaming device could and should be recylced.