FREE shipping on all orders over R400
FREE shipping on all orders over R400

Introducing Your New Favourite Energy Boost!

Ella is a great-tasting, ready-to-drink natural caffeine boost made with real espresso and dairy milk. Enjoy the taste of natural ingredients and the benefits of clean caffeine.

Why You’ll Love Ella


Simply shake it up for 10 seconds!

40% Less Sugar

Than a regular unsweetened cappuccino.

Anytime Energy Boost

Ella is perfect for when you’re

0% Preservatives

Enjoy Ella Energy’s natural caffeine boost without any preservatives.

Long Shelf Life

You can keep Ella in your cubby, gym bag, or suitcase; a one-year shelf life ensures Ella’s always ready when you are.

What is Clean Caffeine?

Clean caffeine is obtained from natural sources such as coffee beans, green tea, yerba mate, and guarana. This type of caffeine is distinguished by its limited processing and absence of synthetic additives or chemicals commonly found in regular caffeine products.

Ella uses only the best Arabica coffee beans making it the perfect on-the-go clean caffeine source for busy South Africans.  

Shop Ella Energy Online or Instore!


Get your Ella energy boost straight from the Official Ella Online Store (free nationwide delivery).

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You can also purchase your Ella energy boost from our retail partners.


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