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Ella Espresso Energy Boost – Variety Flavour Pack

75ml Natural Caffeine Energy Boost

12 and 24 Packs  (R20.25 per drink)

(1 customer review)
Instant natural caffeine boost
Drink anytime, anywhere
Absolutely delicious

Experience energy versatility with Ella’s Variety Pack: Classic’s pure essence, Vanilla’s smoothness, and Mocha’s indulgent blend. Energize with delightful flavors that keep you going strong.

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1 review for Ella Espresso Energy Boost – Variety Flavour Pack

  1. Shamima

    Love the convenience of the Ella, so have my coffee fix on the go. My fav is classic, the mocha is a tad bit to sweet for me. Especially yummy if you keep them refrigerated on have them icy cold on hot days!

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Simply shake it up for 10 seconds!

40% Less Sugar

Than a regular unsweetened cappuccino.

Anytime Energy Boost

Ella is perfect for when you’re

0% Preservatives

Enjoy Ella Energy’s natural caffeine boost without any preservatives.

Long Shelf Life

You can keep Ella in your cubby, gym bag, or suitcase; a one-year shelf life ensures Ella’s always ready when you are.


Natural Caffeine

Derived from Espresso

Great Tasting

Made with natural ingredients & milk

Preservative Free

Low Sugar

When compared to an unsweetend cappuccino

Anytime, Anywhere

Can be consumed hot, cold or off the shelf


Synthetic Caffeine

Produced from urea & chloroacetic acid

Synthetic Taste

Made with Flavourants and Colourants


HigH Sugar

Or artificial sweeteners


Required to enhance the taste

Made with the finest dark roast coffee beans from one of Europe’s most established coffee houses
Made with the freshest South African whole milk from Darling cows

Enjoy the Taste of Ella Espresso Boost

The Taste of Choice:
Now you can enjoy all 3 flavours of Ella energy boost with Ella Variety Packs. Mix it up and experience the classic espresso experience with Ella Classic, the rich mocha fusion that makes Ella Mocha so irresistible, or the soft vanilla notes that make Ella Vanilla the perfect pairing for even the most staunch espresso connoisseur.

  • Ready To Drink: Ella comes ready to drink. Grab your Ella, shake it up for 10 seconds, drink straight up and feel the LIFT! No machines, capsules or equipment are required.
  • Enjoy It Your Way: Ella can be enjoyed hot, cold or at room temperature. Drink it straight up, or experiment with one of our recipes. (link to recipes)
  • Natural Ingredients & Preservative-Free: Ella is crafted with natural ingredients and is entirely preservative-free.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Enjoy the convenience of a 1-year shelf life, guaranteeing long-lasting freshness.
  • 40% Less Sugar: Every serving contains 40% less sugar than regular ready-to-drink espresso beverages. Learn more (link to chart section on product info page).
  • A Proudly South African Innovation: Produced in Paarl with dairy milk from the Western Cape.

Nutritional Information


  • Ella Classic: Milk, Liquid Coffee Extract, Sugar, Stabiliser (E460, E407, E466, E509), Salt.
  • Ella Mocha: Milk, Liquid Coffee Extract, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Stabiliser (E460, E407, E466, E509), Salt, Vanilla Flavouring.
  • Ella Vanilla: Milk, Liquid Coffee Extract, Sugar, Stabiliser (E460, E407, E466, E509), Vanilla Flavouring, Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your shipping policy?

Delivery can take up to 4 days for outlying areas and less for central areas.

Shipping is free on all orders.

We ship nationwide in South Africa.

Where do we source our coffee?

Ella liquid espresso is imported from one of the largest private Coffee Houses in Europe.

Why am I not getting high quality foam?

To get a good quality foam shake up and down (and not sideways) for 10 seconds.

A high salt content in the water or saline water or residual detergent in your cup will affect the foaming adversely.

Where do we source our milk?

Ella’s milk is sourced locally from the Darling area in the Western Cape.

What kind of roast is Ella?
We use dark roast coffee beans.
How does Ella maintain a year shelf life?

During the manufacturing process, Ella is sterilized in a heat process to extend the shelf life to a minimum of one year which can be extended to 18 months subjected to the company’s approval.

Is Ella proudly South African?
Ella is a unique South African innovation.
Where should Ella be stored?

Ella can be stored at room temperature and enjoyed straight up.
Also great when served chilled.
Best used at room temperature, when preparing a cappuccino.

Is Ella certified?

At Ella, we care greatly about Quality and Food Safety. Ella is manufactured to the most stringent international food safety standard FSSC 22000. Ella is Halal certified and and also certified for a Veterinary Approved Establishment.


Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises
FSSC 22000
SA Halaal Society
Veterinary Approval

What kind of material is the Ella Capsule made from:
The Capsule is made from recyclable polypropylene packaging.
Can the Ella capsule be recycled?
Yes, the capsule and foaming device could and should be recylced.